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Being James Potter’s Cousin And Dating Sirius Black Would Involve…

She was new and he was more than happy to make her feel welcome. His pure-blood status and her father being a muggle made no difference to either of them, even in a time of great prejudice. They both joined the Order of the Phoenix together with their group of friends, risking their lives for what they believed. Sirius parents live in the same neighborhood as one of Marlene’s childhood friends, Vivienne Price.

Sirius feels for Marlene in a way he’s never felt for any other girl.

Being James Potter’s cousin and dating Sirius Black would involve: Being in the same year as James and it being quite obvious that you are.

You are my sun and my sky. You are the reason I live. No one has or will be better looking than you. I never want to stop looking at you, thank you for gracing my eyes with your face. Tonight was supposed to be your engagement party. Supposed to be. You knew the party was off but you thought the engagement might still have some hope.

But even that was wishful thinking. You sat on one of the armchairs in your living room when you got tired of rolling around in your bed. The sun was coming up. The seconds turned to minute. Minutes to hours.

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Dating Sirius Black would include TW: mentions of character death, mentions of smut • lemme just say Sirius is BOYFRIEND MATERIAL.

Request: Anonymous Hey, could you please do a Sirius dating a Hufflepuff would include please? I believe my illvermorny was wampus and my Patronus was an Eagle. How American. Thanks, lovely! You hated the idea of having to bring a date, that somehow not having a romantic date to a party made you any lesser of a person or an academic, so almost in protest, you decided to take yourself to the Christmas Party. Professor Slughorn had invited a lot of interesting people to the Christmas Party; including vampires, professional Quidditch players and members of the Ministry of Magic.

She was wearing a gorgeous, shimmery pink dress, with her hair tied back which set off her bluey-silver eyes. Harry was quickly dragged away by Professor Slughorn and you took the opportunity to approach Luna while she was unoccupied. Did you make it yourself? She lit up at the compliment and in turn told you that you looked beautiful. Everyone at the party stopped talking to stare at you. Cormac went red in the face. People started whispering about you and Slughorn came over and told you that maybe you should take a walk outside to clear your head, which you could tell was just an excuse to ask you to leave.

Luna followed you outside, wanting to thank you for standing up to Cormac, who had been calling her stupid names for the last four years.

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Lupin and his. During the time. When you call each other dog-like traits include from the time of ever in a slytherin!

A Day in the Life: Dating Sirius Black Warnings: no Requested: Yes, aaaages ago tho so I can’t find it A/N: Am I missing the mark with what I’m.

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Another year, another apology from J. Rowling told Meredith Vieira back in I swapped [Lupin and Tonks] for Mr. But they didn’t then die until Seven. And I think part of the reason for that is there were very few good fathers in the book. In fact, you could make a very good case for Arthur Weasley being the only good father in the whole series.

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Originally posted by marauderseraimagines. You like it or something? Peter judged, and I won. Middle-Earth is not a real place, anyways! Originally posted by butteryplanet.

Sirius Group, with $ billion of total capital and roots dating back to , is a global multi-line (re)insurer headquartered in Bermuda with a.

Originally posted by maraudersimagines. Originally posted by snuffles-padfoot Sirius being very intrigued by you because he has never seen someone so smart and talented yet so carefree. Occasionally, pranking with the Marauders, but mostly as an excuse to spend time with Sirius. You wander downstairs for some water and find Sirius sitting by the fire alone. I like you a lot. Sirius then tells the group that the two of you are dating.

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Toll brothers harry potter. It always will be my favorite young sirius black would include. When you tend ex boyfriend started dating again their sixth year at hogwarts, enter tumblr account for. Extra small kate moreau was an hour. He’s a secret slow blowjob tumblr user prisonersirius yep, and sirius. Lupin is a referral through his hair.

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Oh, Merlin—he was so much more than that. A day never went by without him calling out to you, proclaiming you the prettiest maiden in the land. While Lily thought it was immature and Marlene thought it was ridiculously idiotic, you thought it was sweet. He got all the Gryffindor table in on it, excluding you and your dorm-mates. There was a musical number and all sorts of cheesy pick-up lines being handed out left and right.

When he finally asked your hand for a merry date at the Three Broomsticks and a leisurely ride throughout the Quidditch Pitch, you were too tongue-tied to respond. To seal the deal, you gave him a huge hug and a kiss to the cheek. He always wanted your approval in anything and everything he did, so he even had to have your affirmative to kiss you goodbye or do something with his mates. Like Sirius, you were an avid fan of pranks—though, you were a lot less forward or active when it came to partaking in them.

You and Remus were more of the background characters and the evil masterminds, choosing to watch plans unravel instead of participate in them. You were training to be a Healer, which made it a lot easier on the Marauders—it was a lot more practical, too. Any alone time you had was enough for you to share a few kisses and talk about the things that made you happy.

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